Lvlida Group Company is a diversified industrial conglomerate. We have now formed three core business segments, namely "functional fertilizers, microbial agents, and internet platforms", with multiple companies including Shandong Jinmai, Weilai Biology, and Gaobao Information. In the process of continuous transformation and development, Lvlida Group has always adhered to the core strategy of "research oriented, market oriented, quality guaranteed, and service oriented". In accordance with the requirements of international and domestic development patterns, while steadily developing its domestic business, it has expanded its business territory to Africa and the Americas, leading plant nutrition technology and promoting efficient new agriculture.
Shandong Jinmai

Shandong Jinmai Technology, located in the Blue Wisdom Valley Tsinghua Science and Technology Park of Weifang High tech Zone, is a national high-tech enterprise. After years of domestic production and global market sales, we have accumulated rich experience in OEM for many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. In the past two years, we have cooperated with SK Company in Belgium. As a partner of SK China, our product production and application technologies have been systematically improved, forming a relatively complete set of plant nutrition system solutions.

Weilai Biotechnology

Shandong Weilai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise with the core of independent research and development, production, and sales of probiotics, probiotics, symbiotic elements, and metabiotic microbial products for agriculture, animal husbandry, food, and health products. It is committed to the research and development, screening, upgrading, expansion, and application of strains, aiming to provide biocontrol strains, probiotic powder There are various probiotic products and application solutions for food use, including functional bacteria for plant protection, animal protection, environmental protection, and microbial metabolites.

Gaobao Information

Gaobao Future Smart Agriculture Integrated Platform, developed farm management software that can connect various stakeholders in the entire agricultural ecosystem for data-driven crop production operations. It can also provide real-time land and crop related data analysis, planting guidance, quality control, etc. to improve the overall operational efficiency of the farm. We also collaborate with enterprises engaged in irrigation, seed production, and agricultural peripheral services, as well as banks, insurance companies, cold chain logistics, and agricultural development companies.

Lvlida Technology Research Institute